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Group Break FAQ


What are Box Breaks?

A Group Break is a Group of Sports Card Fans each buying a portion of an unopened box or Case of sports cards. Once everyone has bought a portion of the box or Case it's then time to open them live on camera. You will receive all Cards pulled from the Teams you bought for this Break.

Group breaks provide a great way to be involved in high end or large breaks for a minimal cost.

How do group breaks work?

The type of sport will determine the amount of participants. For example, there are 30 teams in the NBA, so there usually will be 30 spots available in the Group Break.

1. Random Team

This type of break will at random pair all participants with specific teams using the List Randomizer on The randomization process happens at the beginning of each live broadcast. Once the participant/team pairings have been announced, we then proceed to breaking boxes.

2. Team Option/ Pick Your Team

This type of break allows participants to purchase specific teams. The cost per team will vary depending on the value and popularity of players and specific teams. Since it’s generally more difficult to fill all teams using this group break style, prices for teams do not equate to the cost of the boxes (or case). 

3. Serial Number

In this Break each Person receives a Random Number from 0-9 and gets every Card with the Serial Number ending in their Random Number. For Example: A Card is numbered 14/49 then it goes out to Random Number 4. A Card numbered 10/99 goes out to Random Number 0. A Card numbered 1/1 will go out to Random Number 1!

All 1/1's that are redemption's go to the 1 spot. 10 Spot Serial Number Breaks where a Redemption is pulled that is not a 1/1 but numbered under 10 will go into Random between the Numbers where it could go to.Example: A Card numbered to 5 will only random to the 1-5 numbers. 

Unnumbered Cards (no Veteran Player Base) will go into a Hit Draft with the Random Number 1 getting the First Pick. Then Pick 2 and so on in a Snake Draft until all unnumbered Hits are picked.

How is the player’s team determined?

A card’s team will be determined by the team stated on the card (not the team on the player’s uniform). If the team is not stated on the card, then it will be awarded to the team shown on the player’s uniform. If neither is applicable, the card’s team will be determined by the player’s career. If the player is currently active on a professional team, then the card will be awarded to the player’s current team (unless stated otherwise). If the player is retired, then the card will be awarded the team he/she played the most seasons with (unless stated otherwise). If none of the factors above are applicable, then the card will be awarded to a random participant.

How will multi-player cards be awarded?

Multi-player cards will be randomly awarded using the teams represented on the card. Each team represented on the card will be entered in the List Randomizer (same team can be on one card more than once). This list is randomized and awarded to the person at the top of the list.

How do I watch EuroBoxBreaks Group Breaks?

All breaks will be done via Facebook and Youtube Live, and the scheduled date/time will be posted on our Facebook Page. Participants are not required to view the live break to receive their cards. Once the live break is complete, the video will be uploaded to YouTube.

What if I Don't Get Any Cards?

By purchasing a ‘spot’ in a Group Break you are purchasing a 'digital good' and agreeing for EuroBoxBreaks to open product and ship any cards attributed to your teams to you, regardless of the outcome. You are purchasing the entertainment of being a part of that Group Break and owning that spot. If your teams receive no cards we do not offer any refunds.

Group Break Refund Policy

Once a Break has started or is about to start on the same Day then there are absolutely NO REFUNDS!

A REFUND PRIOR to a break will have a 5% Restocking Fee. Fees don't get refunded to us hence the restocking fee.

If you have any questions at any time, don't hesitate to email us at: